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About the Author Fay Bennett (click)...

The Purpose of FaysGenealogy.Com

-To share family history information and photographs with family and fellow researchers.

-To connect with researchers interested in families in the Township of Whitewater Region (former Ross & Westmeath Townships, Cobden) who would like to share information, documents and photos.

-To create a digital photo archive of early families of the Township of Whitewater Region.

The Content of FaysGenealogy.Com

Fay’s Genealogy contains genealogy and family history information of Fay and Earl’s family lines that Fay has gathered in the past 45 years through research and collaboration. As many of these ancestors settled in the Township of Whitewater Region, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada, there was a natural progression to expand the research (about 20 years ago) to include all the early families, the focus being 1840-1920’s.

Fay’s Family Connections Index (click): In progress
Earl’s Family Connections Index (click): In progress
Ross and Westmeath Townships and Cobden Early Families (click): In Progress

This is a work in progress and will take some time to load the data, photos and documents that will reside at FaysGenealogy.Com. My personal genealogy database currently holds about 81,000 individuals. If you do not find the information you are looking for on this website, please do not hesitate to contact me to see if I have it available.

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It is my hope that you will find something on Faysgenealogy.com that is helpful in your search. 'Pay it forward'. Be a blessing where you are planted!

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Established Jan 2013 .... Updated 2022

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Featured Documents
1. Francis Letter Collection held by Larry Francis
Larry Francis has kindly provided the letters collected by his father Cluff Francis and himself. The dates range from 1824 to later 1900's. Go to 'All Media' and enter 'Francis Letters' in the search box (or click above).
2. Finding Aid of 1919 & 1920 Marriages & Deaths of The Cobden Sun
Indexed from microfilm housed at Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group, Pembroke, Ontario.
Featured Photos

- upper left

Fay's grandfather, Elisha Francis leading the team of horses Fred & Jep. Fay's father, Herb Francis is riding one of the horses abt 1914

- centre

Fay's great grandmother Annie Francis nee Toner. Her origin is yet to be discovered. She and my gt grandfather lived on their Francis family farm in Bromley Twp.