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Pidgeon, John J., age 86, passed away May 28, 2004 in Sun City Center, FL.

Born in Brooklyn NY, he graduated West Point Class of 1940 and served in the US Army 30 years before retiring in Monterey.

Colonel Pidgeon is survived by his wife Elaine, son John Alexander, daughter Elizabeth Ann, and niece Patricia Connolly.

A graveside service with honors will be held at Golden Gate National Cemetery Friday July 30th at 12:30pm; Section CA #1041. In lieu of flowers, send contributions to the Freedom Plaza Scholarship Fund, 1010 American Eagle Blvd, Sun City Center, FL 33573. Published in The Monterey Herald on July 30, 2004 
PIDGEON, Col. John Joseph (I3894179)
2 !Born Westmeath twp. and moved to Chapleau, on abt turn of century. His family was raised in Chapleau and some remain there. They moved to Espanola abt 1941 as he was Regimental Sergeant Major of the German Prisoner of War Camp in Espanola. He was at Vimy Ridge and was decorated by the Pres. of France. BYCE, Henry Charles (I25426163)
3 !source: 1. info from Walter Brown abraham thrasher was teh first white child born on the banks of ottawa riv er in westmeath thwp. he farmed during his lifetime on the same farm situ ated on Lot 27 Concession B in Twp WEstmeath. Robert T McLaughlin brought Miss Jane Horricks to teach in greenwood scho ol where she met and married Abraham Thrasher. All their children were born in the same house on the same farm. The fa rm has remained in the Thrasher family ever since andis now occupied by Ne il Thrasher and his wife Lois Salter & family. Census Place:Westmeath, Renfrew North, Ontario, Canada Source:FHL Film 1375870 NAC C-13234 Dist 114 SubDist K Div 2 Pa ge 7 Family 25 SexMarrAgeOriginBirthplace Abraham THRASHERMMGermanO Occ:FarmerReligion:Methodist Canada Born:48. Jane THRASHERFM40EnglishO Religion:Methodist Canada Hanah THRASHERF20GermanO Religion:Methodist Canada William THRASHERM18GermanO Occ:FarmerReligion:Methodist Canada Margrette THRASHERF12GermanO Religion:Methodist Canada Elizabeth THRASHERF10GermanO Religion:Methodist Canada Christenn THRASHERF8GermanO Religion:Methodist Canada Isaac THRASHERM5GermanO Religion:Methodist Canada Charles THRASHERM3GermanO Religion:Methodist Canada THRASHER, Abraham (I30820204)
HOUSTON, Thomas (I37954814)
5 "Granny Kohlsmith" is fondly remembered by this writer and many others she babysat in her home on Hwy 17 (corner of Dixon St.). A kind lady with a pleasant 'grandmothery' smile. I was always fascinated by her salt & pepper shaker & cookie jar collection which covered her living room walls. F.Bennett SAUNDERS, Pearl Olive (I20026)
6 10653-88 William Drummond WRIGHT, 22, farmer, Stafford, same, s/o Willi am & Sarah, married Sarah HALLIDAY, 18, Stafford, same, d/o Andrew & Nelli e, witn: George COADE of Pembroke & Maggie HALLIDAY of Stafford, 25 July 1 888 at St. Stephens Church, Stafford Family F11508212
7 10810-89 James Henry WRIGHT, 19, farmer, Stafford twp., same, s/o Willi am & Sarah, married Ann Jane HOLLIDAY, 22, Stafford, same, d/o Andrew & El len, witn: Mary F. DAYKIN of Pembroke & Sarah WRIGHT of Stafford, 23 Se pt 1889 at Holy Trinity Church, Pembroke Family F11509161
8 13800-99 John MONTGOMERY, 26, farmer, Alice, same, s/o John MONTGOMERY & M arion JOHNSTON, married Annie A. JARDINE, 16, Alice, same, d/o Stewart JAR DINE & Mary McLAUGHLIN, witn: Robert J. GOUDIS & Hanah MAYHEW (Mayhar?), b oth of Pembroke, 4 Oct 1899 at Alice Family F12109732
9 1901 census alice & fraser twp jul 4 1862 IRE (not USA) HALLIDAY, John (I34900254)
10 1901 census bromley twp with son George and family BOWES, Elizabeth (I35497063)
11 1901 Census Ross Twp. & Cobden Village , Renfrew Co., Ontario with family DEMPSEY, Agnes (I35712679)
12 1901 Census Ross Twp. & Cobden Village , Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents FORTIER, Frederick Michael (I35712680)
13 1901 Census Ross Twp. & Cobden Village , Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents FORTIER, May Lillian (I35712681)
14 1901 Census Ross Twp. & Cobden Village , Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents FORTIER, Agatha Julia (I35712682)
15 1901 Census Ross Twp. & Cobden Village , Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents FORTIER, Joseph Roy Cyrile (I35712683)
16 1901 Census Ross Twp. & Cobden Village , Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents FORTIER, Remie Phelias (I35712684)
17 1911 Census Cobden, Renfrew Co., Ontario with family EADIE, Catherine (I35299657)
18 1911 Census Cobden, Renfrew Co., Ontario with family BUCKHAM, Georgina (I37476448)
19 1911 Census Cobden, Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents MCLAREN, Julia Muriel (I35299658)
20 1911 Census Cobden, Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents MCLAREN, John Alexander (I35299659)
21 1911 Census Cobden, Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents PARR, James (I37476451)
22 1911 Census Cobden, REnfrew Co., Ontario with parents PARR, Mary (I37476450)
23 1911 Census Cobden, REnfrew Co., Ontario with parents PARR, Robert (I37476449)
24 1911 Census Ross Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with Edwin B Ross family as do mestic; born England WRIGHT, Annie (I36415595)
25 1911 Census Ross Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with Wm Mooney household board er, teacher LETT, Bessy Elizabeth Warren (I33292466)
26 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario living with parents CAMERON, John Milton 'Stewart' (I36589579)
27 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROWN, Cora Esther (I37338647)
28 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents LYTTLE, Clara Mae (I37321341)
29 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROWN, Irvin Francis (I37338646)
30 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents SMITH, Sgt. John Harold Chattawa (I36807367)
31 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents DAVIDSON, William Miner (I37020548)
32 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I657)
33 3 Mar 1947 • Sinking of SS Novadoc, off the coast of Maine, USA
the sinking of the gypsum freighter 'Novadoc', a 261-foot laker ship, and the loss of 24 lives; the ship had sailed from Nova Scotia into a fierce nor'easter in the Bay of Fundy in March of 1947. 
BRISCOE, Margaret J. (I32767572)
34 A familiar name from Cobden of the Past is Bud Barrett who served as Manager at Ontario Hydro Office, Cobden. Guy Raymond \'Bud\' Barrett, son of Guy Charles Francois Barrett and Irene Boucher, was born in 1930. During high school years, Bud won awards for public speaking. Bud married Viola Madeline Thompson on 16 Jun 1951. While in Cobden, they lived at 82 Main St.
Bud was an active community leader and participated in a number of organizations. In 1974, he threw his hat into the ring and ran as liberal candidate in the federal election. I remember attending a young peoples? rally in
support of Bud at the Memorial Hall.
Vi passed away on 24 Sep 2006 in Ottawa. Bud died on 7 Jun 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts and is buried in Malloch Road Cemetery, Arnprior, Ontario. He was 79.
BARRETT, Guy Raymond 'Bud' (I26012109)
35 Alberta, Past and Present, Historical and Biographical Vol 2 Peter M. Campbell, M. D.

For more than a quarter of a century Dr. Peter M. Campbell of Lethbridge has been engaged in the practice of medicine, and the record of his efforts is written in terms of success. He is recognized as one of the most able physicians and surgeons of this part of the country and today enjoys an extensive practice of a distinctively representative character. Dr. Campbell is a native of Admaston, Ontario, born on the 9th of February, 1872. His parents, John and Jane (Connery) Campbell, were also of Canadian birth but the Campbell family is of Scotch lineage, the grandfather, Peter Campbell, having been born in the land of hills and heather, whence he came to the new world with his parents when a lad of seven years, the family home being established in this country. He devoted his entire life to farming. The grandfather in the maternal line was a native of Ireland and also arrived in Canada in early life. John Campbell devoted his life to agricultural pursuits and lived for many years on one place, there passing away in 1921. His widow is seventy-eight years of age and is still a resident of Ontario. They were the parents of eight children, six of whom are living. Mrs. Campbell's religious faith is that of the Presbyterian church, to which Mr. Campbell also belonged, and his political views were in accord with the principles of the Conservative party.

Peter M. Campbell, the eldest of the family of eight children, pursued his education in the Renfrew high school and afterward took an art course in Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, and then in preparation for his chosen profession he matriculated as a medical student at Queen's and was graduated with the M. D. degree in 1896. Immediately afterward he began practice in Beachburg, Ontario, where he remained until 1900. when he made his way westward, with Cardston as his destination. For six years he was a representative of the profession in that place and in 1906 he removed to Lethbridge, where he has since made his home. Here he at once opened an office and through the intervening period of seventeen years he has steadily advanced in his profession and has rendered most valuable aid to his fellow townsmen, by reason of his highly developed skill and his comprehensive understanding of the scientific principles of medicine and surgery.

In 1904 Dr. Campbell was united in marriage to Miss Esther Scott, who was born in Paisley, Ontario, and there pursued her education. They have one child, Jean, who was born in 1908 and is now in school. The parents hold membership in the Presbyterian church and Dr. Campbell is also a member of the Masonic fraternity, loyally following the teachings of the order as he goes in and out among his fellowmen. His real recreation comes from mountain climbing and he gets the greatest enjoyment out of making the difficult ascent of the Rocky mountains. The major part of his time and energy, however, is given to his profession. He has taken postgraduate work in New York and in Rochester, Minnesota, and further keeps in touch with advanced professional thought and progress through his membership in the Alberta Medical Society and the Canadian Medical Association. Thoroughness has ever characterized his study and he is keenly  
CAMPBELL, Dr. Peter McGregor (I75638)
36 as a young family they moved to Cobden after the premature death of their mother, Laura B. Scafe and were raised by their grandparents Robert and Mary (Houston) McKibbon MCKIBBON, George F (I3020387)
37 Book written by Allan du Manoir de Juaye (Richard & Marie's grandson) entitled "Le Chanoine du Manoir de Juaye", 2012 documents the life of Richard and his ancestry. DU MANOIR, Richard Jules (I6960211)
38 Came from Bryson, Que and moved to Cobden as a station agent. Ran a shoe store in the Blackwell building c1906 Source: Susan Dykes, RR#2 Granton, ON MOM 1V0 519 225-2567 MCKIBBON, Robert James (I37972351)
39 came to Canada when quite young; during past 16 mos she lived in home of Mr J W Thompson of Queensline; survived by one brother Alex, living in Glasgow. to Foresters Falls Cem BELL, Helen (I34803633)
40 Cobden News in Renfrew Mercury Jan 14, 1890 Wedding ceremony of Miss Annie Jessup and Henry Sparling was perform ed by Mr. Robertson, at the bride's father's residence. Miss Jessup wi ll be missed in the Methodist Church and Sabath school circles, as she w as an earnest worker for anything connected with either. Family F10506784
41 Cobden Sun "Seventy Five Years Ago" column in apr 7 2004 paper April 11, 1929 paper Word was received by Richard du Manior of Westmeath, from Bayeaux, Fran ce that his father, Raymond Thilant Le Chanoine, Count du Manoir De Juay e, had died in Paris at the age of 77, on Mar 15, and in the same ma il it is reported he also received the official news that he was rightf ul heir to the title of Count. The family name can be traced back to anci ent times, there being ancestors who joined the First Crusade under Godfr ey De Bouillon. The title and segneurie Le Manoir was created under the r eign of Louis XIII. No plans for the future have been made by Count du Ma noir as he first wished to be in touch with his brother, who is residi ng on Madagascar Island. The present Count du Manoir came to Canada in 19 05, married in Westmeath in 1907, Miss Margaret Deschamps, and is fath er of two daughters and five sons. He is forty-six years of age. DU MANOIR, Richard Jules (I6960211)
42 CODE 1891 census @ca.on.113i1 family 096 @ca.on.renfrew.ross division 1 p22 film t6355 7 CODE John M 1891-51 married - Ont Ire Ire Presbyterian farmer 8 CODE { ? } Barbara F 1891-45 married wife Ont Ont Ont Presbyterian 9 CODE George M 1891-15 - son Ont Ire Ont Presbyterian 10 CODE Jessie F 1891-13 - dtr Ont Ire Ont Presbyterian 11 CODE John M 1891-11 - son Ont Ire Ont Presbyterian 12 CODE James M 1891-9 - son Ont Ire Ont Presbyterian 13 CODE Westley M 1891-7 - son Ont Ire Ont Presbyterian 14 CODE Curtis M 1891-2 - son Ont Ire Ont Presbyterian CODE, Wesley (I37090046)
43 Death Notices & Obituaries from The Eganville Leader 1914-1921 paper Mar 9 1923 Died at Douglas, Mar 2 George mcIntyre, 56. He was born and lived all h is life in Bromley. In 1890 he married Bridget English. Survived by wif e; his mother, Mrs. Wm McIntrye; a dau Jessie; sons Cecil and Alex, a ll of Douglas; a sister Mrs. George Pyne of Flint, Mich; brothers Thom as of Drayton, on and Robert of Schenectedy, NY. Two sons, David and Wm pr edeceased him. MCINTYRE, George (I35486952)
44 Death Notices & Obituaries from The Eganville Leader 1914-1921 paper Nov 23 1923 On nov 8 Cobden: Mrs. mary Ellen Camley after an illness of three month s. Born Mary Ellen Clancy at Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. on Nov 29 1 834. A dau of George Clancey and Winnifred McGrath She came to Canada when a young girl and taught school in Almonte. Whi le there she was married Jan 6 1861 to the late James Camley, who di ed 31 years ago. After marriage they lived at Almonte for five year s. In 1866 they moved to Bromley Twp where she lived until 1911 when s he moved to Cobden. Children: Hugh A of Cobden; Mrs. W J O'Neil of Bulger; Mrs. John Patters on of Bromley; mrs. George Patterson of Cobden. 1911 Census Cobden, REnfrew Co., Ontario with SON Hugh CLANCY, Mary Ellen (I35309464)
45 Description: William Russell Lett's obituary was posted in the Edmonton Journal 7-Sep-1983:

"On September 5, 1983, Mr. William Lett of the Angus McGugan Nursing Home (Edmonton), passed away aged 83 years.

He leaves to mourn his loss, one son, Tom, Edmonton, one daughter, Mrs. Edythe Bell, Pointe Claire, Quebec, one sister, Mrs. Lucy Rogers, Calgary, Alberta, eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. The funeral service will be held in the Roy and Owen Chapel of Chimes, on Thursday, September 8 at 10:00 a.m. with cremation in the Chapel of Chimes Crematorium. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to organization of choice. Chapel of Chimes, Roy and Owen Funeral Consultants and Licensed Crematorium. Phone 423-4262.

Found on

Thelma Rogers
«u» «/u»

LETT, William Russell (I33292471)
46 DICK, Burrell Mary Suddenly but peacefully at her home in Renfrew on Tuesd ay January 15, 2008, Burrell Brisco, in her 85th year. Loved by her husba nd Arnold of 63 years. Devoted mother of Allen (Florence) of Cobden, Barba ra Childerhose (Tom) of Micksburg, and Mary Etmanski (Mike) of Renfrew. Pr oudest Grandma of 11 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. Predeceas ed by her twin sister Beatrice Paterson, sister Irene Journal and broth er Gordon Brisco. Dear sister of Jean Smith (Roy) of Ottawa, Al Brisco (Be tty) of Colborne, and Roy Brisco of Renfrew. Sister-in-law of Stanley Pate rson, Arvilla Brisco and Meryl Dick. Predeceased by brothers-in-law Bedfo rd Journal, Barclay Dick and Lloyd Dick. Fondly remembered by her nieces a nd nephews. Burrell was a life long member and past president of the Roseb ank Women's Institute and the Women's Missionary Society. Resting at the M cPhail & Perkins Funeral Home, 85 Munroe Ave. at Lorne, Renfrew, on Frid ay from 2 - 4 & 7 - 9 p.m. and Saturday from 12 noon - 1:30 p.m. Funeral S aturday to the Renfrew Presbyterian Church for service at 2 p.m. Spring in terment Douglas Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Heart & Str oke Foundation, Renfrew Presbyterian Church or St. Andrews Presbyterian Ch urch, Cobden, would be appreciated. BRISCOE, Burrell Mary (I31388922)
47 DICK, George Arnold

Passed away peacefully at Renfrew Victoria Hospital on Thursday, January 3, 2013 in his 92nd year. Beloved husband of the late Burrell (nee Brisco). Loving father of Allen (Florence) of Cobden, Barbara Childerhose (Tom) of Micksburg and Mary Etmanski (Mike) of Renfrew. Proud Grandpa of 11 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Arnold will be missed by his nieces, nephews, family and friends. Predeceased by his brothers Barclay and Lloyd. Private funeral arrangements entrusted to McPhail & Perkins Funeral Home, Renfrew, 613-432-2866. Interment to take place at Douglas Public Cemetery in the spring. Memorial donations to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Cobden or Renfrew Presbyterian Church would be appreciated by the family. 
DICK, George Arnold (I31388921)
48 Dr. Henry Wells Willoughby, known as Harry, was the son of Major Henry Albert George Willoughby and Vera Marguerite Wells of Pembroke. He was born about 1922 in Collingwood, Ontario however his family moved to Pembroke when he was a young boy. Dr. Harry's dad died when Harry was about 20, which left his mom and two sisters. Harry was an accomplished researcher in field of cancer. He was also an entertainer and singer and participated in Cobden?s Opry. One would recognize Dr. Harry's car by the gigantic dogs that were looking out the windows. He practiced from the home on the corner of Truelove and John St. which had served as a doctor's office for many years, including Doctors Stewart, Higginson, Ritchie and Faught. Dr. Willoughby died on 15 Apr 2003 in Ottawa as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident.  WILLOUGHBY, Dr. Henry Wells 'Harry' (I26189689)
49 Fay Bennett took an early retirement in 2012 from a career in health care spanning 33 years. She graduated from Queen?s University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy and worked in that profession in both the hospital and home care sectors providing direct service and later as manager of therapy and case management services.

Fay is married and has two daughters. She thoroughly enjoys spending time with her two granddaughters. Fay grew up in Cobden and has lived her entire life there, except for 4 years in Kingston during university years and 3 years in Renfrew when she and her husband Earl moved to be closer to work locations. However, the draw back home to Cobden was too strong!

Fay's interest in family history began at a young age. The Sunday afternoon outings and long weekend trips with her parents usually consisted of, or ended in, a visit to a relative(s). On the journey to and fro, her parents would point out farms or homes that had previously been owned by a close or very distant family member. By high school years, she was recording the genealogical data she had gleaned from these visits. Her interest in preserving family history has culminated in the authoring of a number of books, research aids and articles, as well as assisting other budding genealogy buffs in producing their own family history.

Fay has been a member of many Ontario based genealogical groups over the years and has served on the executive for the Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group in a number of capacities. Recently, she has been volunteering with The Whitewater Historical Society, documenting the history of Cobden Businesses & Buildings as well as serving as volunteer archivist. She has also completed some formal training in genealogical studies. Fay has also volunteered on a number of Board of Directors as well as executives of various organization and is currently a member of the Board of Directors for Lanark Renfrew Health and Community Services.

Fay has delighted in the additional time to focus on genealogy since retirement and has finally had the opportunity to launch & continually add to this website.

The purpose of FaysGenealogy.Com is to:
1. Share family history information and photographs with family and fellow researchers
2. Connect with researchers interested in families in the Whitewater Region (Ross & Westmeath Townships, Cobden) who would like to share information, documents and photos
3. Create an electronic photo archive of early Ross and Westmeath Township families

If you would like to share information, comment on the website (please do!), provide documents or photos for the website or request information, please email Fay at:
Or write to:
Mrs. Fay Bennett
P.O. Box 426,
K0J 1K0
Or call: (613) 646-7152
50 found in Wiltshire, Eng, Church of England Marriages and Banns 1754-1916 on Ancestry
Family F11866402

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