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Annie Maria Francis nee Toner

My gt grandmother Annie Toner is a mystery. She was born c 1857 in England or Ireland depending on which story of family lore you wish to choose. She was likely an orphan but unknown. She first appears in the 1871 census in Wilberforce Twp, at the residence of a merchant James Reeves who had a large family and was born in Quebec. Her age was 15 and she is listed as a nurse. Her marriage registration lists her parents as Charles and Sarah and lists her place of birth as Buffalo, New York?? A clue to follow-up on: The picture of a young girl is believed to be Annie Toner. The picture address is J. O'Reilly Photographe, Corner Lagauchetiere and S t. Lawrence Main St., Montreal; negative perserved no. 629. There was a Toner grocer in the neighbourhood in Montreal.
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