Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HARTWICK, Eileen Ruby  29 Jun 1927Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2638
2 HARTWICK, Grace Mildred  23 Jul 1925Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2637
3 HARTWICK, Melbourne Russel  18 May 1935Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2641
4 HARTWICK, Willis Milton  17 Dec 1932Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2640
5 HILDEBRANDT, Karl Ludwig (Louis)  25 Dec 1892Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2909
6 PHANENHOUR, Henry Irwin  7 Feb 1918Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2900
7 PHANENHOUR, Leona Florence  4 May 1916Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2899
8 PHANENHOUR, William John  21 Apr 1928Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2902
9 PILGRIM, Alvina Edna  20 Feb 1898Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2626
10 PILGRIM, Clara Bertha  19 Feb 1894Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2623
11 PILGRIM, Eleanor Lydia  27 Jun 1911Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I22254
12 PILGRIM, Eleanor Lydia  27 Jun 1911Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I23322
13 PILGRIM, Hattie Annie  22 Apr 1900Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2627
14 PILGRIM, Ida Gertrude  8 Jan 1896Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2624
15 PILGRIM, John  7 Dec 1867Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I23321
16 PILGRIM, Lester John  6 May 1909Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2630
17 PILGRIM, Lloyd George  18 Jan 1934Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2931
18 PILGRIM, Louisa Johanna  27 Oct 1891Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2622
19 PILGRIM, Mary Ernestine  11 Nov 1906Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2629
20 PILGRIM, Wilfred  26 Jul 1904Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2628


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 PILGRIM, Wilhelm C  15 Mar 1878Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2883
2 SPIEGELBERG, Johanna Friedrite Albertina  31 May 1921Rosenthal, Renfrew Co., Ontario I2884