Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHATTERTON, John Harvey  3 Jan 1858Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I5531668
2 CHURCH, Jeremiah Richard  18 Oct 1835Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I50467
3 EARLE, Mary Evelyn  1892Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I26004
4 GIFFORD, Elizabeth  3 Oct 1920Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I33054
5 HERBISON, Keith James  25 Jan 1937Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I33056
6 HUGHES, Harvey Lionel  24 Oct 1866Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I42216
7 LOVESEY, Janet Patricia  23 Nov 1940Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I33055
8 PENNOCK, John Coleman  16 May 1822Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I52136
9 PENNOCK, Louis Joseph  Abt 1837Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I56187
10 SEELEY, Annie  1832Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I14752
11 SMITH, Laura  Abt 1819Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I6006163
12 SUTTON, Richard E  Abt 1853Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I35889
13 WALLACE, Gordon R. H.  1 May 1942Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I16414
14 WRIGHT, Joseph  Abt 1839Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I4775


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BENNETT, Clara Edith  Sept 2, 1960Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I4470
2 CLOSS, Erma Johanna  6 Apr 2002Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I60331
3 COLEMAN, Abel  25 Apr 1810Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I18210
4 CROZIER, Elizabeth  26 Aug 1916Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I1277
5 DAVIDSON, Lois Emily  19 Aug 2016Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I34533
6 HERBISON, Keith James  30 Jan 1983Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I33056
7 JOHNSON, James William  21 Sep 1939Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I51168
8 LOVESEY, Frederick  1956Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I16387
9 LOVESEY, Janet Patricia  2 Feb 2002Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I33055
10 LYONS, Emily Pearl  30 Jan 1972Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I22211
11 MURPHY, Mary Alice  11 Nov 1915Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I3611
12 PATTERSON, Kenneth  16 Jul 1919Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I21632
13 PEEVER, Mildred Oleva  31 Jan 2001Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I762056
14 PERCY, John  Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I61579
15 RICHARDS, Bertha May  13 Jan 1974Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I45760
16 RICHARDSON, Lawrence Ross  29 Mar 1959Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I23369
17 ROBERTSON, Earl R.  16 Jul 1934Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I36032
18 ROSS, Chester Bayne  25 Apr 1931Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I14540
19 SLACK, John  04 Sep 1967Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I21233
20 SLACK, John  4 Sep 1967Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I21318
21 WEEDMARK, William Ambrose  25 Mar 1930Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I35151


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 COLEMAN, Canon Henry Ker  Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I51850
2 GOULD, Beatty  Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I38101
3 GOULD, Innis  Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I20853
4 MCMULLEN, Minnie Helen  Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I21891

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 SUTTON, Mary Jane  Abt 1855Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I12561


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Photograph    Person ID 
1 SMITH, Lois  Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario I42483


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOYD / BELL  21 JulBrockville, Grenville Co., Ontario F16369
2 CARDIFF / BREMNER  31 Mar 1831Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario F6179
3 COLEMAN / ELLIOTT  1786Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario F8971
4 HERBISON / LOVESEY  18 Jul 1959Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario F13852
5 PATTERSON / GUINEY  1909Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario F10095
6 PENNOCK / COLEMAN  1821Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario F18265
7 SUTTON / RATHE  Bef 1851Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario F6664
8 WALLACE / BENNETT  14 Aug 1941Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario F8305
9 WRIGHT / LESLIE  29 Jul 1857Brockville, Grenville Co., Ontario F6782