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51 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROMLEY, Matilda Sarah (I15168138)
52 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROMLEY, Mary Laura (I15168137)
53 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROMLEY, Marguerite Ann (I15168136)
54 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROMLEY, Arthur Garnet (I15168135)
55 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BARR, Wallace Morris (I15149895)
56 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents ROSS, Eric McLean (I15149648)
57 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROWN, Dorothy Norra (I15148277)
58 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROMLEY, James Laramer (I15140014)
59 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROMLEY, Mabel Florence (I15130464)
60 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents MCMULLEN, Jacob (I15130463)
61 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROMLEY, Violet Sara Ray (I15118397)
62 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROMLEY, Mildred Mary (I15118395)
63 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROMLEY, Margaret Elizabeth (I15118393)
64 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROMLEY, Joseph James (I15118392)
65 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROMLEY, Graham Clarence (I15118391)
66 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with parents BROMLEY, Janet Emily Mary (I15118388)
67 1911 Census Westmeath Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario with sister Mary Jane's f amily BROWNLEE, Samuel (I15168134)
68 8152-75 (Renfrew Co): Philip MONTGOMERY, 25, blacksmith, Horton, Westmeat h, s/o William & Jane, married Eliza BROWNLEE, 20, Westmeath, same, d/o Th omas & Margaret, witn: Silas HUNTINGTON & Mary BROWNLEE of Westmeath, 13 O ct 1875 at Westmeath Family F4967719
69 9643-76 (Renfrew Co) Silas Edgar HUNTINGTON, 21, yeoman, Allumette Isla nd (Allumettes Island?) Quebec, Westmeath, s/o Samuel ADAMS & Ann Catheri ne HUNTINGTON, married Mary BROWNLEE, 23, Westmeath, d/o Thomas & Margar et BROWLEE, witn: Isach ACHESON & Lucy A WRIGHT, both of Westmeath, 29 N ov 1876 Family F4968052
70 A peter in Westmeath Burial records age 81 d. 1900 Died Westmeath, Jul 2 1900, Mr. Peter Growberger, ae 80. Survived by 2 so ns and 5 daus GRAWBERGER, Peter C. (I4643361)
71 Alberta, Past and Present, Historical and Biographical Vol 2 Peter M. Campbell, M. D.

For more than a quarter of a century Dr. Peter M. Campbell of Lethbridge has been engaged in the practice of medicine, and the record of his efforts is written in terms of success. He is recognized as one of the most able physicians and surgeons of this part of the country and today enjoys an extensive practice of a distinctively representative character. Dr. Campbell is a native of Admaston, Ontario, born on the 9th of February, 1872. His parents, John and Jane (Connery) Campbell, were also of Canadian birth but the Campbell family is of Scotch lineage, the grandfather, Peter Campbell, having been born in the land of hills and heather, whence he came to the new world with his parents when a lad of seven years, the family home being established in this country. He devoted his entire life to farming. The grandfather in the maternal line was a native of Ireland and also arrived in Canada in early life. John Campbell devoted his life to agricultural pursuits and lived for many years on one place, there passing away in 1921. His widow is seventy-eight years of age and is still a resident of Ontario. They were the parents of eight children, six of whom are living. Mrs. Campbell's religious faith is that of the Presbyterian church, to which Mr. Campbell also belonged, and his political views were in accord with the principles of the Conservative party.

Peter M. Campbell, the eldest of the family of eight children, pursued his education in the Renfrew high school and afterward took an art course in Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, and then in preparation for his chosen profession he matriculated as a medical student at Queen's and was graduated with the M. D. degree in 1896. Immediately afterward he began practice in Beachburg, Ontario, where he remained until 1900. when he made his way westward, with Cardston as his destination. For six years he was a representative of the profession in that place and in 1906 he removed to Lethbridge, where he has since made his home. Here he at once opened an office and through the intervening period of seventeen years he has steadily advanced in his profession and has rendered most valuable aid to his fellow townsmen, by reason of his highly developed skill and his comprehensive understanding of the scientific principles of medicine and surgery.

In 1904 Dr. Campbell was united in marriage to Miss Esther Scott, who was born in Paisley, Ontario, and there pursued her education. They have one child, Jean, who was born in 1908 and is now in school. The parents hold membership in the Presbyterian church and Dr. Campbell is also a member of the Masonic fraternity, loyally following the teachings of the order as he goes in and out among his fellowmen. His real recreation comes from mountain climbing and he gets the greatest enjoyment out of making the difficult ascent of the Rocky mountains. The major part of his time and energy, however, is given to his profession. He has taken postgraduate work in New York and in Rochester, Minnesota, and further keeps in touch with advanced professional thought and progress through his membership in the Alberta Medical Society and the Canadian Medical Association. Thoroughness has ever characterized his study and he is keenly  
CAMPBELL, Dr. Peter McGregor (I75638)
72 as a young family they moved to Cobden after the premature death of their mother, Laura B. Scafe and were raised by their grandparents Robert and Mary (Houston) McKibbon MCKIBBON, George F (I3020387)
73 Book written by Allan du Manoir de Juaye (Richard & Marie's grandson) entitled "Le Chanoine du Manoir de Juaye", 2012 documents the life of Richard and his ancestry. DU MANOIR, Richard Jules (I6960211)
74 BromleyAlex30WestmeathWestmeathJames Bromley Elizab eth LarmoundBrownleeMargaret C.22Clarendon, QueClarendon, Que.Jose ph Brownlee Jessie Sinclair1893January 05Westmea th WestmeathWilliam C. McCagherty Emma Thompson 10548-93 (Renfrew Co) Alex BROMLEY, 30, yeoman, Westmeath, same, s/o Jam es BROMLEY & Elizabeth LANNOUND, married Margret E. BROWNLEE, 22, Claund on Que, same, d/o Joseph BROWNLEE & Jessie SINCLAIR, witn: W. E. MCCAGHER TY & Emma THOMPSON, both of Westmeath, 4 Jan 1893 at Westmeath Family F4971115
75 Came from Bryson, Que and moved to Cobden as a station agent. Ran a shoe store in the Blackwell building c1906 Source: Susan Dykes, RR#2 Granton, ON MOM 1V0 519 225-2567 MCKIBBON, Robert James (I3020384)
76 Came to Canada, McNab Twp. 1827 with son Andrew Jr and wife; and dau Mari on and husband; followed by son John and wife in 1831; son Rob and wife 18 32: from William K Hamilton RR#2 Arnprior, ON K7S 3G8 HAMILTON, Andrew (I11033147)
77 Census Place:Westmeath, Renfrew North, Ontario, Canada Source:FHL Film 1375870 NAC C-13234 Dist 114 SubDist K Div 1 Pa ge 19 Family 71 SexMarrAgeOriginBirthplace Phil MONGOMERYMM35IrishOntario Occ:BlacksmithReligion:Presbyterian Canada Ellen MONGOMERYFM25IrishOntario Religion:Church of England H.E. MONGOMERYM4IrishOntario Religion:Presbyterian Canada A.C. MONGOMERYM1IrishOntario Religion:Presbyterian Canada Micheal CALIHANM18IrishOntario Occ:BlacjsmithReligion:Catholique MONTGOMERY, Philip (I15144458)
78 Census Place:Westmeath, Renfrew North, Ontario, Canada Source:FHL Film 1375870 NAC C-13234 Dist 114 SubDist K Div 1 Pa ge 57 Family 227 SexMarrAgeOriginBirthplace Patrick MCCARHERTYMM39IrishIreland Occ:FarmerReligion:C. Presbyterian E.A. MCCARHERTYFM33IrishOntario Religion:C. Presbyterian Wm.E MCCARHERTYM10IrishOntario Religion:C. Presbyterian James MCCARHERTYM11IrishOntario Religion:C. Presbyterian J.T MCCARHERTYM9IrishOntario Religion:C. Presbyterian Robt.E MCCARHERTYM5IrishOntario Religion:C. Presbyterian G.D MCCARHERTYM3IrishOntario Religion:C. Presbyterian E.M MCCARHERTYF1IrishOntario Religion:C. Presbyterian MCCAGHERTY, Patrick (I15153887)
79 Census Place:Westmeath, Renfrew North, Ontario, Canada Source:FHL Film 1375870 NAC C-13234 Dist 114 SubDist K Div 1 Pa ge 61 Family 242 SexMarrAgeOriginBirthplace John HOWARDMM37IrishOntario Occ:FarmerReligion:C. Presbyterian Catherine HOWARDFM30IrishOntario Religion:C. Presbyterian J.H. HOWARDM10IrishOntario Religion:C. Presbyterian Thos.J. HOWARDM6IrishOntario Religion:C. Presbyterian Eliza HOWARDF4IrishOntario Religion:C. Presbyterian S.E HOWARDFIrishOntario Religion:C. Presbyterian Born:Mar; 0 HOWARD, John (I15153892)
80 Census Place:Westmeath, Renfrew North, Ontario, Canada Source:FHL Film 1375870 NAC C-13234 Dist 114 SubDist K Div 2 Pa ge 24 Family 96 SexMarrAgeOriginBirthplace Titus Edgar HUNTINGTONMM25EnglishOntario Occ:FarmerReligion:Methodist Mary HUNTINGTONFM27IrishOntario William HUNTINGTONM3EnglishOntario Lillian HUNTINGTONU1EnglishOntario Matilda THELWORDF12ScottishOntario Religion:Presbyterian HUNTINGTON, Silas Edgar (I15145925)
81 Cobden Sun "Seventy Five Years Ago" column in apr 7 2004 paper April 11, 1929 paper Word was received by Richard du Manior of Westmeath, from Bayeaux, Fran ce that his father, Raymond Thilant Le Chanoine, Count du Manoir De Juay e, had died in Paris at the age of 77, on Mar 15, and in the same ma il it is reported he also received the official news that he was rightf ul heir to the title of Count. The family name can be traced back to anci ent times, there being ancestors who joined the First Crusade under Godfr ey De Bouillon. The title and segneurie Le Manoir was created under the r eign of Louis XIII. No plans for the future have been made by Count du Ma noir as he first wished to be in touch with his brother, who is residi ng on Madagascar Island. The present Count du Manoir came to Canada in 19 05, married in Westmeath in 1907, Miss Margaret Deschamps, and is fath er of two daughters and five sons. He is forty-six years of age. DU MANOIR, Richard Jules (I6960211)
82 DaforWilliam Northroke21CobdenZephyrManual N. Dafor An nie DaforMontgomeryMargaret Jane21WestmeathWestmeathPhilip Montgome ry Eliza Montgomery1903September 02Samuel Graham Kearn ey Jane Belle MontgomeryBachelorSpinsterMethodi stMethodist330961August 25Harry WalkerWestmeath Married Westmeath Sep 2 1903, Miss Margaret Montgomery, dau of Mr Phil Mon tgomery of Westmeath, to Mr W N Dafoe, Jeweler of Cobden, by Rev H Walke r. Attendants were her sister Cora Montgomery and Mr graham Kearney.. T he couple will reside in Cobden.

16734-04 (Renfrew Co): William N. DAFOE, 21, jeweller, Zephr, Cobden, s /o Manuel & Annie, married Margaret Jane MONTGOMERY, 21, Westmeath, sam e, d/o Philip & Eliza, witn: Graham KEARNY of Renfrew & Cora Belle MONTGOM ERY of Westmeath, 2 Sept 1903 at Westmeath 
Family F4968920
83 Fay Bennett took an early retirement in 2012 from a career in health care spanning 33 years. She graduated from Queen?s University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy and worked in that profession in both the hospital and home care sectors providing direct service and later as manager of therapy and case management services.

Fay is married and has two daughters. She thoroughly enjoys spending time with her two granddaughters. Fay grew up in Cobden and has lived her entire life there, except for 4 years in Kingston during university years and 3 years in Renfrew when she and her husband Earl moved to be closer to work locations. However, the draw back home to Cobden was too strong!

Fay's interest in family history began at a young age. The Sunday afternoon outings and long weekend trips with her parents usually consisted of, or ended in, a visit to a relative(s). On the journey to and fro, her parents would point out farms or homes that had previously been owned by a close or very distant family member. By high school years, she was recording the genealogical data she had gleaned from these visits. Her interest in preserving family history has culminated in the authoring of a number of books, research aids and articles, as well as assisting other budding genealogy buffs in producing their own family history.

Fay has been a member of many Ontario based genealogical groups over the years and has served on the executive for the Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group in a number of capacities. Recently, she has been volunteering with The Whitewater Historical Society, documenting the history of Cobden Businesses & Buildings as well as serving as volunteer archivist. She has also completed some formal training in genealogical studies. Fay has also volunteered on a number of Board of Directors as well as executives of various organization and is currently a member of the Board of Directors for Lanark Renfrew Health and Community Services.

Fay has delighted in the additional time to focus on genealogy since retirement and has finally had the opportunity to launch & continually add to this website.

The purpose of FaysGenealogy.Com is to:
1. Share family history information and photographs with family and fellow researchers
2. Connect with researchers interested in families in the Whitewater Region (Ross & Westmeath Townships, Cobden) who would like to share information, documents and photos
3. Create an electronic photo archive of early Ross and Westmeath Township families

If you would like to share information, comment on the website (please do!), provide documents or photos for the website or request information, please email Fay at:
Or write to:
Mrs. Fay Bennett
P.O. Box 426,
K0J 1K0
Or call: (613) 646-7152
84 FERGUSON 1891 census @ca.on.113i1 family 020 @ca.on.renfrew.ross division 1 p4 film t6355 18 FERGUSON James M 1891-27 married - - Ont Ont Presbyterian 19 FERGUSON { ? } Eliza Ann F 1891-24 married wife Ont Ont Ont Presbyteria n 20 FERGUSON Marre? F 1891-18 - dtr Ont Ont Ont Presbyterian caution: couldn't make out last letter of given name 21 FERGUSON James Henry M 1891-3 - son Ont Ont Ont Presbyterian 22 FERGUSON Catherine Ann F 1891-2 - dtr Ont Ont Ont Presbyterian 23 FERGUSON Robert M 1891-7/12 - son Ont Ont Ont Presbyterian FERGUSON, Catherine Ann (I15396811)
85 FITZPATRICK 1891 census @ca.on.113i1 family 245 @ca.on.renfrew.ross division 1 p56 film t6355 3 FITZPATRICK Pat M 1891-30 - - Ont Ire Ire RC clerk 4 FITZPATRICK Mary F 1891-32 - son Ont Ire Ire RC caution: sex "f", but relationship "s" - may be a "sister" - on origin al document 5 FITZPATRICK James M 1891-28 - brother Ont Ire Ire RC 6 FITZPATRICK Nelly F 1891-24 - s? Ont Ire Ire RC caution: sex "f", but relationship "s" - may be a "sister" - on origin al document 7 FITZPATRICK Bridget F 1891-23 - s? Ont Ire Ire RC caution: sex "f", but relationship "s" - may be a "sister" - on origin al document 8 FITZPATRICK William M 1891-21 - brother Ont Ire Ire RC 9 FITZPATRICK Minnie F 1891-12 - s? Ont Ire Ire RC caution: sex "f", but relationship "s" - may be a "sister" - on origin al document 10 FITZPATRICK { ? } Bridget F 1891-50 widow mother Ire Ire Ire RC
!Source: 1. 1871 Census Ross Twp.with parents 
FITZPATRICK, Bridget (I14670858)
86 from Clarke Johnson
- Deaths (12/26/01)
JOHNSON, Arthur James Drew Suddenly as the result of a car accident on Sunday, December 23, 2001 in his 60th year. Arthur Johnson of Pembroke (Perretton), beloved husband of Margaret (nee Behm) Johnson. Dear father of Blaine Arthur Johnson (Ruth) of Stittsville, Valarie Ryan (John) of Greenwood and Lianne Lowens (Jason) of Swastika, ON. Dearly loved grandfather of Laura and Kelly Johnson and Jordon Drew Ryan. Brother of Michael Johnson (Marilyn) and Eleanor Boyer (Raymond) both of Pembroke. Son of the late James R. and Elizabeth (nee McDonough) Johnson. Son-in-law of Marion Behm and the late Henry Behm of Douglas. Relatives and friends may call at the MURPHY FUNERAL HOME, 296 Isabella Street, Pembroke on Wednesday from 2 - 5 and 7 - 9 p.m. and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. A Funeral Service will be held on Thursday afternoon, December 27 in Perretton United Church at 2 o'clock. Interment Beachburg Union Cemetery. In memory of Arthur, donations to the Crohns & Colitis Foundation, Perretton United Church or the C.T. Scan Fund of the Pembroke General Hospital would be appreciated by the family. 
JOHNSON, Arthur James Drew (I32352)
87 from Clarke Johnson
After they moved to Cobden she was opening the back door when the wind caught it and pulled her off the step. She hurt her back, [broken] and never was right again.
Obituary: January first of this year 1959 , Mrs. Samuel C. Johnson died at her home here in the village. Mrs. Johnson who was in her 69th year had been in poor health for several years but there was no indication that her death was imminent and her passing was a great shock to her family and friends. The former Mary Ethel Brown, she was born at Thornby, Que a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brown. Forty-eight years ago she was married at Beachburg? to Samuel Cl. Johnson of this district and they took up farming on Zion Line, remaining there until eight years ago when they came to Cobden to retire. Shortly after coming to the village, Mrs. Johnson had the great misfortune to fracture her hip. As a result she was unable to walk and was confined to her home during her retirement. Surviving besides her husband are three sons and two daughter, Edsel on the farm, Stewart of South Porcupine, George of Hydnford, Mrs. Bruce Ciphery of Cobden and Lillis at home. A son Osborne is predeceased. Thee are 17 grandchildren. Also surviving are two sister, Mrs. John B Johnson of Zion Line and Mrs. Alex Brown of Toronto. The funeral was held Sunday, Jan. 3rd with a short service being held at her home by Rev. A. Simmons., thence to St. Andrew's United Church at Beachburg where Rev. J. J. Veals conducted service, during which Mr. David Trimble sang "In the garden" a favorite of the deceased. Interment was in Beachburg Cemetery. Pallbearers were Douglas Patterson, Mac Coughlin, Gordon and Clarence McMillan, Jack Gibson and Donald Simpson. Friends were in attendance from Toronto, Ottawa, Campbell's Bay, Pembroke, Hyndford and other district places 
BROWN, Mary Ethel (I28936)
88 From Clarke Johnson
Died in Dec. of Pneumonia quite young. Leta was pregnant at the time and had her next child in
July of the next year. 1935. 
MCCLELLAND, William Steven Veldon (I34379)
89 From Clarke Johnson
During the depression he went to Sudbury and strung telephone lines. He had never used climbing spurs before. He told me he offered to work one week free to show he was a good worker. He got the job 
JOHNSON, James Rexford (I4399)
90 from Clarke Johnson
Edsel had the original trunk that John Johnson brought over from Scotland. He worked in Smith Falls Ontario during the war at a plant that made truck bodies for the military. He boarded at Aunt Maggie Jacksons. He worked 12 hour shifts and 72 hours a week. from 7 pm to 7 am. for approix .49 cents an hour. he remembers Aunt Maggie coaxing her husband to take her an Edsel and Delmer Thibeau to the Ottawa Exibition. Edsel remembers them going into the monkey house and there was a female monkey nursing her baby and grooming and eating the fleas? off the baby. Aunt Maggie laughed so hard she nearly peed her pants. They were laughing at the monkey and Aunt Maggie for laughing so hard. 
JOHNSON, John Edsel (I5531)
91 From Clarke Johnson
Married June 10 1931 at Wesley United Church manse in Pembroke. Rev. G.A. Macintosh. Witnesses were sister Jessie and her husband Hilliard Johnson.
Bought his farm from his brother Alexander Charles in late Depression years. 
JOHNSON, William Daniel 'Bill' (I34370)
92 From Clarke Johnson
OBIT. Leta M. Galbraith of Beachburg, in Parkview home for the Aged, Stouffville, Ontario on Friday March 24 2000 in her 88th year. Leta Margaret Galbraith [nee Johnson], beloved wife by first marriage to the late Veldon McClelland and by second marriage to the late Edwin Galbraith. Dear mother to Gary [Darlene] McClelland, Thornhill Ont and Dale [Garnet] Rae, Markham Ont. Also survived by 7 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, 1 sister Jessie Johnson, and 2 brothers, Harold [Olive] Johnson, Delbert [Joyce] Johnson. Friends may call at the Fraser-Morris & Heubner Funeral Home, Cobden, Sunday from 2-4 and 7-9 pm. Service in St. Andrews United Church Beachburg Monday at 1 pm. Interment Beachburg Union Cemetery. As expressions of sympathy, donations to St. Andrews United Church Memorial Fund or the Canadian Bible Society would be appreciated 
JOHNSON, Leta Margaret (I34372)
93 From Clarke Johnson
The 'George' was for George Brown who was his mother's brother. As related to me by Harold (Aug.2002) Harold was born on the Broome Place. At age 5 he started school at the Zion Line School. He sat with his brother Jim. When the teacher asked him to go to the school he turned and asked Jim if it was alright. They were living at the "Martin Place" when he was 9 and he went to "Crozier"s School" He went to High School for 4 years and then worked at Jack Kenney's farm for $12 a month. He joined the R.C.A.F and went overseas on the S.S. Cuba leaving Halifax on Dec. 14 1941 and arrived in Scotland Dec. 25 but because it was Christmas Day, for some reason they were not disembarked until Dec. 26. He noticed the first morning after sailing that the convoy was scattered and most of the day they were trying to gather. Every morning they seemed scattered. Out of accident or design he never knew. related by Harold (Feb. 2003)
As the war was starting to wind down and they had enough forces, they rotated home the longer serving people, perhaps also because they volunteered. Harold left Liverpool in Jan 1945 on the Queen Mary and sailed to New York on a three day crossing. He took a train to Valcartier Air Base and then to Uplands Airbase in Ottawa where he was stationed a month before his discharge papers came through. He could have volunteered for the Pacific but with his mother sick and having serve 4 years he did not. Related by Harold (April 2003) 
JOHNSON, Harold George (I34373)
94 From Clarke Johnson
They were married in Pembroke and Elizabeth Johnson was one of the witnesses. He bought the "Martin McQuade's Place" on the hill on Zion Line which Edsel his son bought from him and farmed 
JOHNSON, Samuel Clemens (I34134)
95 From Clarke Johnson, 2007
Baptized Martha Elizabeth Mabel on Sept. 25 1901 in the Presbyterian Church at Bryson . The minister was Robert Whillams and the witnesses were her grandfather William Brown and William Prior.
Received from the Pontiac district court on Oct. 15 1962. Died of cancer. Started as breast cancer and she did not tell doctor until it was too late.
As a young woman she worked in NJ for the Wiss family. (Wiss scissors) She was cook, they were going to their winter place in Bermuda or Bahamas and wanted her to come also, maybe to look after the kids. She instead came home and got married. Aunt Jessie thinks that either Uncle John or David Peever got her the job. Perhaps it was arranged as she was going with dad and her parents did not approve. They married on May 22 1926 in Beachburg by Rev R.W. McVey at St Andrews Church. Witness's were William D. Johnson and Jessie Johnson, bro. & sis. of the groom. 
BROWN, Mabel Martha Elizabeth (I32104)
96 From Clarke Johnson, 2007
Clarke went to Whitney Public School in Porcupine Ont, (Golden City) until the end of grade 6. (1956) We moved to Larchwood that summer north of Sudbury and lived in a basement apartment for the summer. My parents bought a house in Azilda, 7 miles out of Sudbury. I went to grade 7 and all but the last 2 months of grade 8. We moved to Elliot Lake in the spring and I finished grade 8 and did grade 9 and 10 in the High School in Elliot Lake. We move to Ottawa in 1960 and I went back into grade 10 as I was missing French which I had not taken. .I went to Ridgemont High School on Alta Vista Drive. I went to Ottawa Technical High School for grade 11 and 12 and graduated in 1963. I started the elect. trade as an apprentice on July 9 1963. I got my Interprovincial Licence in 1967. 
JOHNSON, Clarke George Graham (I27830)
97 From Clarke Johnson, 2007
He died of a heat attack. He had three previous. The first two were diagnosed as bronchitis. He had a bad one at home after this and then the final one about 3 hours later in hospital. He had had rheumatic fever as a young boy but no one had known that. It was Aunt Bertha and Uncle Harold who got them to move north. 
JOHNSON, Alexander Charles (I27829)
98 From Clarke Johnson, Aug 2007
Alexander johnston, age 35 bachelor/farmer, born Scotland, residing Ross Twp., son of John and Janet Johnston, to Elizabeth Brown, age 24, spinster born Ross Twp. residing Ross Twp. Daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth Brown. Witnessed by John Brown of Thorn and Christina Sinclair of Westmeath Twp. Both Presbyterian, married at Ross Twp. August 15 1876 by Rev. Henry Sinclair by License. Registration Number 009616
His funeral was a Sunday morning and Rev. W. H. Gram of Cobden was the minister. His farm was on the left side of Zion Line, traveling from Cobden and past the lake. Stewart had the farm and built a small log cabin on the property. The barn is still standing but the house is gone. it was to the left as you go in the gate and near the big tree.
The 1901 Census as of March 31 1901 and age at last birthday for Toss twp. and Village of Cobden Div. 1 Sub. Div. 2 gives Alexanders birthday as Feb. 28 1836 
JOHNSON, Alexander Rennie (I12855)
99 From Clarke Johnson, Aug 2007
Buried Oct. 13 1982 in Cobden Cemetery She lived in Smith Falls on Beckwith Street. Her husband Howard Jackson worked in the Roundhouse and had a heart attack and died at work. After his death she moved back to Cobden where she lived until her death. She liked to go out and would often coax her husband to go out after he got home. He would be tired and she would say ,"Have a cup of tea and you will be fine" She liked a very strong cup of tea. Jessie and Leta would often go down to their place. Once Leta was there and when Howard came home he was very tired but the Ottawa Ex was on and with a supper and a cup of tea she coaxed him into driving them into Ottawa. She missed him terribly for the rest of her life. 
JOHNSON, Margaret Susan (I20866)
100 From Clarke Johnson, Aug 2007
John Johnston was married in St. Ninian's Parish in Stirlingshire Scotland.
Moved to Drummond, ON when he first came to Canada.
Moved to Beachburg when Angnes was one year old; 1853. First child Peter died in Scotland. Came to Canada with John and Alexander. Had 5 more children in Canada. His farm was on the left side of the road as you came out of Beachburg. Aunt Jessie remembers an old stone foundation but apparently there has been a number of houses built. {Conversation with Aunt Jessie May 2000]
From an old birthday book of Mary [Brown] Johnson wife of Sam Johnson which she kept for the early part of the 20th century she wrote "Feb. 19 John Johnson passed away at age 88 years, 8 months, 9 days."
According to progam and info from above birthday book, John was born on June 10 1810. 
JOHNSTON, John (I10351)

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