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129 Samuel Simpson and his wife Mary Curry, from Ireland settled McNab Tw p. He was talented in the building of log structures for he had perfet ed teh art of dove-tailing the logs that ws so necessary at theat tim e. He also had a trade of making boots and shoes. He went from hou se to house and took feet measurements then made the footwear by hand. Th is trade was called "whip-the-cat"(Zion Line WI) SIMPSON, Samuel (I13447920)
130 The 4 reels of film that comprise the source of Ida's work can also be obtained from the LDS church using the following film numbers:-

Vol. 1, baptisms, 1825-ca. 1860 FHL #1759292 Vol. 2, baptisms, 1840's-ca. 1870 FHL #1759293 Vol. 3, baptisms, 1850's-1870's FHL #1759294 [Locality index to vol. 3] FHL #1698106 Item 3 Vol. 4, baptisms, 1860's-1910 FHL #1759295 
Source (S200551)
131 The first hospital in St. Lawrence County, Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center opened in 1885 as the Ogdensburg City Hospital and Orphan Asylum. Although always a community-owned organization, it was managed by the Grey Nuns, Sisters of Charity, until 1976. The hospital's name changed twice: first in 1918 to A. Barton Hepburn Hospital to honor the local banker and donor, and again in 2000 to Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center in recognition of an exceptional gift from its own Dr. E. Garfield Claxton. The hospital was the home of a nursing school, with its first graduating class in 1905 and its last in 1968. With an innovative group of caregivers and community members, Claxton-Hepburn was the first to bring many new services to the region, including an artificial kidney machine in the late 1960s, long before many urban hospitals had one. In the 1990s and 2000s, the county's first dialysis center and comprehensive cancer center were constructed. Today, Claxton-Hepburn serves as a regional referral center for dialysis, radiation and medical oncology, psychiatry, and wound healing. CLAXTON, Dr. Edwin Garfield (I3891557)
132 The Lima News (Ohio), Monday, April 24, 1961.


FINDLEY - Arthur Campbell Montgomery, 81, of Rt.5, a retired farmer, died Saturday at 3 p.m. in Blanchard Valley Hospital after a two-year illness.
Born Aug. 6, 1879 in Westmeath, Ont., he was a son of Philip and Eliza Montgomery. He moved from Canada to the Findlay area in 1897. His wife, Blanche, predeceased him in death in 1946.
Surviving are a son, Z.P. of Rt.5, Findlay; a daughter, Mrs. Ralph Dutton of Sandusky; three sisters, Mrs. Cora McCoo, Mrs. Hattie Fletcher, Mrs. Phyllis Gordon, all of Toronto, Ont.; a brother, Hector, of Timmins, Ont.; two grandchildren and two great-grandsons.
Mr. Montgomery was a member of the Liberty Chapel EUB Church.
Services will be held Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in Miles Funeral Home, Findlay, with Rev. Charles Mueller officiating. Burial will be in Maple Grove Cemetery.

MONTGOMERY, Arthur Campbell (I15159829)
133 This author grew up with our property backing up to the Yates bakery. I remember the smell of fresh bread. I remember both Mr & Mrs Yates & going to the store with my mom to buy bread. Mrs. Yates was always happy to see this kid. The store is currently Conway's pharmacy on Main St. Cobden.FB YATES, Arthur Frederick (I10511)
134 This author knew Edna in her later years. She enjoyed talking about her roots. PEEVER, Edna Isabel (I1374)
135 This writer fondly remembers Mac & Myrtle. They were my neighbours when I was growing up (a block away). I walked past their home 4x/day going to school. Many days, Myrtle would have cookies ready for a treat after school. I always admired Myrtle's peonies that grew across the front of their lawn next to the sidewalk, a pretty flower. I grew up spending a lot of time at the curling rink with my curling family. Mac & Myrtle were regulars there as well. Myrtle's sister Hazel Davis was also a curler - in Eganville. My parents curled there before the Cobden club was built.
Fay Bennett 
Family F9852
136 When I was a kid, I spent most of my time at the curling rink in the winter with my parents. I knew Lorne & Madelaine from curling circles. Lorne was an avid curler and Madelaine would watch his games and bring her lapdog with her. I was fascinated by the dog. Lorne always had a treat for me and my friend Jean who also spent many hours at the curling rink with her parents. The treat was usually a chocolate bar or a pop out of the pop machine. They were always so kind to us. COOKE, Lawrence Blackwell (I6743)
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